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My name is Nicholas Domingo, born in Van Nuyes California and moved to Ridgely, Missouri when I was 1 years old. Raised in this town, a town having a population of 64 people, an hour north of Kansas City, Missouri. I spent a good portion of my life exploring nature, working on farms, picking up odd jobs when I wasn't playing sports. I found myself thirsting for more knowledge. I found that I loved people and traveling. I moved around a lot for various reasons and saw a society that really needed help. I started on a path to help others and change the world with very little knowledge of how to do so. I lived in 10 states and 25 different cites within those states. During my time traveling I learned from anyone and everyone, asking questions about life, about cultures, philosophy, religion and was able to get to know the world a little better. My travels led me to an understanding of the love that was missing from society. With a new found love for people, an empathetic perspective on life for others, I was able to uncover my passion. 

This passion leads to what my topic is that I will be presenting at your club. The project that arose from a lifetime of searching. A youth program called Captain Encouragement. A superhero teaching children about non-violence, a translating medium for kids to grasp simple concepts while keeping it relevant and exciting. This superhero teaches children that real superheroes don't use violence to overcome bad guys, that being compassionate and helping others is a true superpower. Teaching ideas and strategies for how to go about combatting violence without ever raising a fist, how to defeat bullying without the use of violence and, as a result, breaking the perpetual chain of violence that society seems to be caught in. With this program, I created a children comic book that also teaches these values in a manor that children can easily grasp, but doing so in action-packed format with interactive aspects to "making kindness cool". The comic book medium is used to assist in the expansion of the program and to allow the message of compassion to stay relevant long after the program has visited and left the school. 

Nicholas Domingo
Captain Encouragement 

Changing the world one smile at a time!!